Blog, blog, blog and get blogged!

Standard says:

“A blog is a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts. Memos to the world.”

For the past 5 months, I was practically consumed with blogging. And it’s just fortunate for me that I have a ‘power’ net account at office that I could just open any site without any worries of being blocked by our network administrator. Well, let’s just say I am kind of privileged on that regard.

I started blogging using the mainstream internet way back in 2005 using Friendster and before that I was using G-blogs of Globe (a rather expensive past time). But since I did not have the time and patience yet to regularly update it, I had to let it go including my account in that social networking site. Then when I came across a LS fan blog, I was again inspired to create another blog and this time with Multiply. For several weeks, I was awed by the capabilities of Multiply and the increasing influence and popularity of a blog in general. But then my enthusiasm did not last until I discovered blogging using Blogger/Blogspot, hence his very same blog.

Four years ago I started a personal journal, that is, the traditional diary. I have never been comfortable writing down details of my everyday life as well as my thoughts. But since it was the only practical tool for me to express myself as professionally adviced, I was forced into journalizing. Journalizing became part of my every day since then. And the latter part of 2007 opened to me another venue to continue this self-expression – online journalizing. Of course, not every details are chronicled here. My diary is still indispensable. But since work oftentimes squeezes down my brain with its ‘creative’ juice, I tend to post in this blog those items that I failed to write in my personal journal, including of general interest.

Blogging, as a form of social networking, found some great and not-so-great friends for me. Even when I don’t reveal my true identity (not safe, I thought), I got to meet ‘real persons’ in the blogosphere. Just don’t ask me how I met some of them. 🙂

So why this entry? A blog entry recently posted by a fellow blogger and friend just inspired me to write this. I was reminded (which personally I do not count, it’s just that Blogger counts them hehe) that I posted at least 206 entries as of this writing and it’s been more than 7 months since I renewed my interest in blogging.

And now, maybe, it’s time for a face lift. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Blog, blog, blog and get blogged!

  1. If I remember right, the word “blog” is a condensed form of the term “web log”.

    I find Blogger better since it’s more flexible and is free of ads as compared to Multiply. But I do keep a Multiply site since its image hosting is far superior and easier than Blogger.

    I blog because I like the reminiscent feelings of the past mirrored by my blog entries. When I read my own entries dating a few months back, I look at myself and how I have changed since that time.

    Tumatanda na kasi ako eh. Haha :p

  2. yeah, zweihander. that’s correct. it’s “web log”.

    and by saying “Tumatanda na kasi ako eh” you telling me that I am too old.
    hmf! LOL

  3. well, zweihander,not all who are old have that so-called “wisdom”. sometimes, they’re more childish than a 7-yr old. 🙂

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