PDA2’s Laarni: A Completely Different Woman on Stage


Almost everyday for the last three weeks that I’ve been watching PDA Season 2, Laarni Losala from Sultan Kudarat was always figured out in heated conversations. I would often see her cry for no reason at all or was she just seeking attention from her co-scholars? On top of it all, she would always forget to turn on the academy’s refrigerator and leave it like that overnight. Anybody who has the common sense knows what will happen to the food stored inside. She herself knows that she is the most disliked scholar inside the academy, even with some of the mentors. And now she is better known as the scholar with an attitude.

But when it comes to performances, she is outstanding and completely transforms into a “PDA stage diva”, as in the following:

The performance earned her the 2nd highest performance score for the week and even the “terror” judge Gerard Salonga was in awe. Well, let’s just say that she has the best voice (at least for me) in the academy.

Relatedly, I hope the scholars would stop acting like they’re in the PBB because they’re not. But then would Direk Joey be right in saying that “hindi ito popularity contest”?


6 thoughts on “PDA2’s Laarni: A Completely Different Woman on Stage

  1. @louie – you have to listen to her “As If We Never Said Goodbye”. Excellent singing if not only for her diction there. but Natural Woman here is way better than JayAnn’s version from Pinoy Idol

  2. @N

    watched it again and her performance reminded of McPhee’s performance – little black dress, sitting, the hair. But still she’s really a talent.

  3. @L

    yeah, except for the attitude she has inside the academy. if she’s not going to be a ‘better’ student and housemate, she’s in danger even if she has the best vocals.


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