Insensitive of me…


I don’t know what came into me yesterday. I offended someone unintentionally. I thought I was too insensitive when I was clowning around. But I guess it must be the long hours of listening to the soundtrack of the musical Jekyll & Hyde over the weekend. Was I transformed then? Hmnnn….

Seriously, there are things we say or do that are unintentionally offensive to some. More often than not, we could not totally repair the damage that our words and actions have brought to others. Worse, we could lose people very dear to us. The damage has been done so to say and things will never be the same.

Lesson learned: Be sensitive. And always remember the Golden Rule.


***Consider this entry as my perpetual apology. I’m sorry.


2 thoughts on “Insensitive of me…

  1. Time heal all hatred. It will come to pass.

    Buti ka pa napanood mo na ang Darknight. To be honest, I think the last move I saw on theaters was Transformers. Hehe.

  2. @mugen – yeah, in time. Thanks for the consolation. And you should watch The Dark Knight. Maganda siya at dapat me kasama ka. Hehe

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