Disturbing Joker


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Hmnnnn…I just like the title of this post. Whatever.

But this entry is about the latest Batman movie The Dark Knight starring Christian Bale and how disturbing the characterization of The Joker by the late Heath Ledger.

Acting-wise, I think this is the best for Heath after Brokeback Mountain, and unfortunately the last movie for him. Whenever Joker appears in the scenes, I felt like being glued to my seat and seemingly afraid to move at all. I felt like his tongue will lick my face and he is just annoyingly disturbing – a psychological menace. I was actually wishing he would appear less in other scenes as the movie progressed but definitely he will not be out of the picture as he (The Joker) is the no.1 nemesis of Batman.

Overall, the movie is balanced – equal dozes of action and drama. Of course, there is always that “new” bat suit and the effects are just getting better and better.

Additional treats: superb acting of Michael Caine (as ever) as Alfred and Morgan Freeman.

Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Rachel is a turn-off for me.

And up to this time, the face of The Joker somehow haunts me.


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