How high can you reach?


Regine Velasquez.

Rachelle Ann Go.

Sarah Geronimo.

Dulce (in the old days).

Dessa (where is she now?).

Sheryn Regis.

And of course, one can name several others in the league of those listed singers.

The “birit” style has been and is favored by Filipinos in singing competitions and even for our local singers. The more high notes that you can muster, the more likely that a performer would receive a thunderous applause and even win the competition itself. Local television shows even staged some competitions on this style. Remember the search for the “Birit King”? But singing is, actually, not all about how high a note can one reach but most importantly how the singer will be able to deliver the song and bring the message across the audience. Most often, very good songs lose their essence (as conceived by the composer) and effectiveness when butchered by some of the “biriters”. Vocal calisthenics is not bad per se but they have their places. There are songs that need not any special vocal stylings and still manage to influence most of us.

Lea Salonga, in her Backstory article in the PDI last week discussed some facts and her own thoughts regarding the “birit style”. Read more here….


6 thoughts on “How high can you reach?

  1. I agree with you. Yung mga artists na sinabi mo sa taas, nah… even if I don’t listen to Lea Salonga, I’d choose her over them.

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