And finally I completed some sentences….


Since last night, I tried to squeeze out my cerebrum for something to write about in my journal. I also believe that there are a number of information and thoughts that I think are needed to be shared in this blog. But my mind seemed to be numbed and no matter how I wring out some words from it, no sentence was ever completed.

But my fingers itched to type some words in my notepad while wrapping up office work, hence this entry. And I finally got to have some sentences completed which I think are reasonably coherent.

For the past two weeks, office work is just so much for me that I usually end up very tired physically and mentally exhausted. There are things, of course, that somehow made some days lighten just enough to make a sigh of relief. But things just gotten so difficult that this weekend exposed me to another migraine attack: I have to take yet another doze of pain reliever that I hate because of the after-taste and rendered me to long hours of sleep.

I don’t want to be depressed but it seems that I am going in that direction. I already feel it coming.

I don’t want to go back to that dark, helpless and dysphoric state. I’d better do something. I hope I can.


3 thoughts on “And finally I completed some sentences….

  1. Pareho tayo cousin white. These past few days have been too tiring for me that I’m unable to post anything substantial in my blog.

  2. Whitelight, that’s what you call writer’s block. Kadalasan pag Filipino ang entry ko, sinusumpong ako ng block. Hehe.

    Ok lang yan. Writing is a therapy, so long as you’re still free to express yourself.

  3. Take your sweet time. And learn to breathe, every once in a while. Puro kasi work. Lol.

    Saka smile. Or at least look at people na maganda ngumiti. 😛

    Ingat palagi Kuya.

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