Of Kidz


It is a general consensus that being a kid is indeed, so much easier. Aside from the fact that all their needs are taken care of, there are only three main things that are required from children – they have to please their parents, do well in school, and be happy about themselves. And these responsibilities are actually more simple than they sound.

It is true however that a lot of perks come with adulthood like being able to earn your own money…

Seeing children makes me wonder what it would be like if I can start my life all over and experience the magic that is being a kid. I’m really longing for the innocence and faith that adulthood forcibly took from me.


It must be easy being a kid…and happy, too. That is, when circumstances allowed them to enjoy being a kid. Not that my childhood has been unhappy, but I’ve seen the succeeding generations of kids evolved into more mature and involved individuals: kids nowadays have mature perspectives in life than I’ve been and because of the pressures of living now as compared to 20 years ago, kids engage in adult way of life as early as before they’ve become teeners.

Kids today, in order to please their parents, need to bring in money for the family to eat three times a day. Some of them could even hardly reach the first grade of school since they need to work. Whereas my generation of kids can have almost everything they want. We need not work to earn them. We were sent to the best schools as possible. We were primarily shielded from the realities of life even when all things are well then.

But with my own experience, happy times and the worry-free life of being a kid have drawbacks as well. I was well-protected then but such way of caring created a lot of insecurities in my adult life. Risk-taking and well-discerned decisions are basic drivers of an adult life but I found them very difficult to endeavor as I was unable to exercise these judgments in my kiddo world before. Failures and pains abound adult life and most often I could not cope with them satisfactorily. One may argue on this aspect that being a kid and being a decisive adult are two different things, mutually exclusive worlds (well, I met someone who has this notion). But I always believe that life flows in a continuum so that everything follows the cause and effect principle.

We could never remain as kids forever. We are bound to grow…to become adults. It’s destiny. The sprout should blossom, bear fruit, wane and eventually die to allow more sprouts to grow and bear more fruits. But in our adult life we can still be child-like. And there lies the real challenge as adults.


15 thoughts on “Of Kidz

  1. @mugen – you thought so? hehe nope. i don’t think so. if it would, then it must be that “influential”. just thought of having it as a reaction post or whatever you may call it rather than “flooding” the comments of his post. and definitely it’s not meme.


  2. Remember what I said about having too many angles and the need to not make my entry cluttered? πŸ™‚

    I wanted to tackle this but since you managed to write something about it na. There’s no need.

    Great, great.

    Thanks kuya.

  3. no problem mak. πŸ™‚ not one entry can be all-inclusive. heheh i know you know what i mean by that. πŸ™‚

  4. Hi White!

    Nice entry =)

    I agree, the transition into adulthood from childhood is a continuous process. I do think that how we are raised, our environment and our experiences as kids have a bearing on how well we adjust and handle the challenges that we face when we grow older.

    Like Mak said, there are a lot of different perspectives to consider and the truth is, there is no one solid way of raising a child that will guarantee a responsible, sound adulthood. There are just too many outside factors to consider.

    All in all, I definitely think that our lives as children have a lot of bearing on the type of adult we become. One can have a happy childhood and still end up being messed up. Likewise, one can have a difficult childhood and end up fine. Personally, I believe it’s our attitude both as children and adults that decide the type of person we become.

    Sorry for the long comment! =)

  5. hi karen! πŸ™‚ it’s a pleasure having your comment and insights here. πŸ™‚

    yeah, I definitely agree with this: “it’s our attitude both as children and adults that decide the type of person we become”. but then, we still have that chance to change everything and that would depend again on your current perspective.

    thanks karen. I appreciate you passing by here and leaving a positive mark for all πŸ™‚

  6. well life and things in adulthood is actually quite complicated. and sometimes we even take things for granted. pero kapag medyo childish ka you tend to have a greater appreciation with simple things… good thing!

  7. @ewik – yeah…actually, life is so complicated everytime. we tend to overlook those simple things in life…hmnnnn…actually we make things complicated for us, adults. πŸ™‚

  8. I’m child-like. Yet life still gets complicated at times. Why oh why?


    Kuya… hindi ko kaya. Ehehhehe. πŸ˜›

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