A Loverly July


July 2008 is very musical and concert-wise, has a line up of my favorite artists.

July 9 is the Philippine movie premiere of one of the best broadway musicals Mamma Mia! Besides having the hit songs of ABBA as the musical’s score, the movie has a big time line-up headlining

The Meryl Streep. Without this movie-musical, I would not know that Streep can sing and she sounded good in the soundtrack. I’ve been waiting for this movie since early this year and now it has come. I can’t wait to watch it.

July 26 is the Big Dome concert of Lifehouse. I was acquainted to most of their songs early this year and their music is great, cool and pleasing to the ears even if it’s rock. Well, those who know me might raise an eyebrow but I swear I really like their songs – truly a house of life.

July 29 is the Philippine and Asian premiere of Cinderella, the new musical topbilled by my idol Lea Salonga. Hmnnnn….how I wish I could watch Lea transform into a beautiful princess then…

And another must-see concert on July 29 is Daughtry‘s – the only certified blockbuster hitmaker among finalists (and even surpassed then winner Taylor Hicks) of American Idol season 5. Well, his magic is still spellbinding.

I wish I could see them all…


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