In The Heights


Winner of 2008 Tony’s Best Musical, Best Original Score, Best Choreography and Best Orchestration, In The Heights offers a fresh take on a broadway musical. It started out off-broadway and many people thought and believed that the superb combination of rap and latin beats and great choreography would surely take “heights” on broadway itself. And there it is! The best new musical for the year. Above all, the story is about a tight-knit family and community at the top of the island of Manhattan.

2008 Tony Awards performance:

I also recently acquired the soundtrack and it proves to be very interesting and the singing is great. Though I don’t particularly like r&b, hip-hop and the rap thing, Lin-Manuel Miranda surely made a very good combination there with the usual latin beats of salsa, mambo, and even merengue.


2 thoughts on “In The Heights

  1. i saw the performance at the Tonys on Velvet. I can’t understand a word. Buti pa yung performance ni Megan Mullaly for Young Frankenstein.

    The production of Grease was so good I found my feet tapping while watching.

    But the best came from Emcee – Whoopi. She had several segments where she re-enacts (and sings) the musicals from past to present. Nakaka-aliw specially when she did Chorus Line with a popular personality (can’t recall who).

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