Let me…and thank you.


Let me…

Let me sigh a relief (well almost.. gosh!) from audit.

Let me rest my right wrist which is already battered by driving the mouse for more than 12 hours a day. I am afraid of a possible surgery.

Let my MS Excel rest from thousands of data to analyze…I feel sorry for myself and my computer when it’s saving 1-10 bytes per second. My computer is as confused as I am.

Let me hear again the voice of Manang….oh how it soothes me! (I think I should also wear glass slippers/shoes! LOL)

Let me rest my mind from wandering if how my family back in the province would live after Mr. Frank the typhoon harassed them.

Let other Filipinos learn how to sing the Lupang Hinirang. I’m tired of singing it alone in a gathering. I thought I’m the only Filipino.

Despite of these….

Let me thank you friend (you know who you are c”,)) for all the understanding and …

Let me also thank a friend and colleague in the profession who kept me company and made me laugh from time to time while I’m agonizing with work at the office. (Sayang…wala akong pasalubong LOL)

And above all, somebody up there who’s been there all the time.


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