Jennifer Hudson’s SPOTLIGHT


The debut single of Dreamgirl Jennifer Hudson! Grab it on iTunes!


4 thoughts on “Jennifer Hudson’s SPOTLIGHT

  1. You like J.Hud?

    She tends to oversing at times. And I mean OVERsing.

    Offtopic: the codes in your word verification thing is like LOOOONG.

  2. Hi mak! Yeah, like JHud. She’s a bomb in singing. With a good material, she’ good and I think she has it in this single.

    And ewan ko sa blogger why they give so long verification words to type hehe

  3. What’s with the album title? Can’t they think of something else, Madonna came out with this title during her 1987 “you can dance” cd and single.

    and i agree with makmak, she tends to oversing, sabi ka ni angelica jones – “over OA” kung kumakanta.. 🙂

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