Sound Practices for Posting


I just read this post in the Random/Tainted Thoughts blog – Best Practices for Posting. I would like to comment but I thought a related post would be more appropriate.

I cannot help but recall all, as much as possible, what I have posted ever since I resumed blogging late last year and those blogs that I’ve visited. I would say then that there is NO BEST practice for posting. I’d rather say that what is ‘best’ is what works for you and your intended readers. Nevertheless, there are SOUND practices for posting:

  • Take on a good subject that is original and interesting to your intended readers. Quality is more important than quantity.
  • Be consistent with your ideas.
  • Let’s admit that blogging needs some good writing skills. First and foremost, your readers should be able to understand you and what you are trying to say.
  • Schedule your posting. But sometimes, ideas just flow and you don’t want to get away with them. So just write but post them spaciously.
  • Know and follow certain cyber rules. Provide trackbacks.
  • Be friendly and courteous (this goes also to visitors and guests when commenting).
  • Your blog doesn’t have to be full of flowers and candies. It is just enough to be presentable and visitor-friendly.

Happy blogging!

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