110 Years


Today, as a Filipino nation we celebrate our 110th Independence Day since proclaimed in Kawit, Cavite.

What has become of our nation since then?

Our forefathers secured our freedom from foreign domination and tyranny and regained our sovereignty with their lives. Hence, the succeeding generations have the responsibility to maintain our independence.

Currently, we are facing a ‘different’ battle for freedom – struggling to survive amidst the rice crisis, the oil price hikes and the consequential increase in the prices of almost everything. Because of this, I can see that there’s even a wider divide between the rich and the poor – the poor becomes poorer and the rich richer.

The current wage increases that were fast tracked by the government are merely consuelo de bobo. With the consistent upsurge in the prices of fuel oil, the daily differential granted to wage workers may not even suffice the increase in transportation fares. I thought the VAT in fuel oil should be scrapped or at least absorbed by the oil companies. I also thought that power rates be reduced instead of just providing for P500 subsidies.

I think the legislature should also fast track the passing into law of the tax relief bill granting wage earners higher personal exemption and additional personal exemption for qualified dependents on married taxpayers. Whatever reduction these wage earners may get out of the increase in exemptions will be an additional help in their daily subsistence. And I hope it will cover the whole year of 2008.

Despite our differences in religious beliefs and political principles, we as a nation should be united in putting our country back to economic stability. Ultimately, everyone is not spared of every crisis that we experience and may still experience.

Let’s us also help our country to be free with random killings and abduction.

These, among other things.

Let’s walk hand in hand to real freedom.


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