From Apple: Introducing iPhone 3G


It’s official, iPhone 3G will be released this July 11 with a load of features.

see full specs

view the TV ad

As I have almost lost my Nokia phone (I just knew this morning that it is safe where I left it last night), I thought this might be a very good replacement. I can’t wait for it to be made available here in the Philippines.


4 thoughts on “From Apple: Introducing iPhone 3G

  1. Just read that release of the 3G Iphone in is on July 11 and the Philippines is not part of the first batch of countries where roll out happens.

    ang kupad kasi ng telcos dito sa pilipinas.

    buti nakita ang phone white. bakit ba nawala?

    is that ad true? half the price? eh di 249 USD na lang ang 16G?

  2. @south park – well, let’s see. the ad is supposed to be true. it was emailed to me by apple mismo.

    nawala yung cellphone ko dahil sa katangahan ko 😦

  3. but did you get it ba? what phone was it? i’m sure mahal yun. 😦

    i’m now thinking of what to sell so that I can grab the 3G iPhone.

  4. @south park – i still have to get it. yeah, the historical cost is expensive considering i bought it just last dec 2007 when it was first made available here. it’s a music phone, a mid-priced one though.

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