Peaceful Warrior


As usual, I found it hard to sleep last night. And I remember this film Peaceful Warrior the DVD of which I purchased late last year. I already watched this film twice and I thought I need some ‘peaceful’ inspiration and I watched it again. Somehow, the film reminded me of some of the past events in my life. Nevertheless and as the film impressed on me, we have to life in the present, here and now.

The film stars Nick Nolte (aka Socrates) and Scott Mechlowicz (aka Dan Millman) and is based on true events as written in the novel Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman. The film chronicles the life-changing journey of a gymnast, Dan, who by chance met a stranger (Socrates) in a gas station. Dan’s meeting and association with Socrates led to him to discover his weaknesses and fears despite his seemingly over-confidence in his self and capabilities. But then, Socrates gave him the best training and lessons that could be acquired and mastered only through experiences.

The best lesson this film has taught me is best captured by these words: “The joumey’s what brings us happiness, not the destination.” How we live our life in the present, as it happens, is what is more important than achieving what we want which are, more often than not, superficial and that only makes us want more.

2 thoughts on “Peaceful Warrior

  1. Yep. It has always been about the processes, the actions that we carry out every single day. It is through them that we learn.

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