Britain’s Saddest Story?


It’s unfortunate for Madonna Decena, a Filipina singer in UK, to be dropped from Britain’s Got Talent and lost the opportunity to be in the finals after not getting the necessary number of votes.

In a pre-taped interview that was presented before Madonna went on to sing on stage, she said: “I was quite worried because people might think I’m begging for sympathy for the judges to let me in. But not all of the people in Britain would know how it is to live in the Philippines. It’s really hard. Even with a college degree you can’t survive with just like one job. Having to support your parents, and your brothers, is another story. So I just have to make a sacrifice.”

I am not at all surprised or saddened by the remarks of Simon Cowell after her performance. Cowell, the creator of BGT and the third judge, told her,”Madonna, I love you, I absolutely love your story, but unfortunately–unfortunately, your voice in that performance in my opinion is not good enough to win Britain’s Got Talent…It’s not Britain’s Saddest Story, it is Britain’s Got Talent. And I would be patronizing you if I was to say, ‘that was an incredible vocal performance’ because it was not.” We Filipinos are very familiar with these statements as these are always the ‘motivation’ of most of the contestants in almost all singing competitions here in our country. Well, this ‘strategy’ works well with Filipinos but not in Britain.

Here’s her performance –

Nevertheless, Madonna is a pride of the Filipinos.


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