POTO Sequel Revealed by ALW


The world’s longest running musical Phantom of the Opera’s (as in POTO….sounds exciting hehe) sequel was revealed by no less than its composer Sir Andrew LLoyd Webber in an interview with BBC online. The title of the much-talked about sequel would be Phantom: Once Upon Another Time. Though I have reservations on the choice of the title, the sequel would follow ideas set by Frederick Forsyth’s novel Phantom of Manhattan which was published in 1999 as a sequel to the show.

In any case, nothing can compare to the grandeur of the original POTO, be it in singing, music and production-wise. The current productions of the show are also being enhanced and I’ve read in ALW’s offical website that the show goes digital to make the musical sound even better than ever.

Read more on the sequel….

The original POTO was based on the novel by Gaston Leroux.


I think one of the songs that would be included (as ALW himself declared) in the sequel is The Heart is Slow to Learn (lyrics by Don Black), first performed and sang gloriously by Kiri Te Kanawa during ALW’s 50th birthday Celebration on April 7, 1998 in the Royal Albert Hall in London.


2 thoughts on “POTO Sequel Revealed by ALW

  1. huwaw parang kapanabik-panabik nga. aabangan ko ito.

    kaawa awang ewik, iyak ka pala ng baboy. hahahaha!

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