A Good and Healthy Alternative


A friend and I were just exchanging pleasantries in YM and he was asking about what’s happening in the Philippines. The first thing that came into my mind was the ever increasing fuel prices….and it’s at the P53 level already.

So I thought that the Marikina City program of providing bicycle lanes for its constituents is a noble idea: it’s a good and healthy alternative to riding in 4-wheeled cars or jeepneys or all motored vehicles for that matter (just like in the picture). Marikina has 50 kilometers of bike paths that go along its major thoroughfares, even going in and around subdivisions. And the program is well complemented with good and well-enforced policies.

And again I thought…why not promote bicycle as an alternative means of transportation in Metro Manila? I guess by doing so we can minimize the bad traffic and the pollution that comes from the traffic noise and smoke. Besides, cycling is a very good aerobic exercise and it doesn’t make us a lesser nation.

But then, the government should provide the proper infrastructure for the cyclers…so that it would be safe and orderly.


9 thoughts on “A Good and Healthy Alternative

  1. i know there is one congressman who takes his on his way to lowerhouse sessions. I wonder if he still does it.

  2. @ L – the picture is supposed to be an example of a bicycle lane and I thought MM should have one better than that.

    I think the picture has a trackback. you can check it out. and it’s NOT from Marikina, of course. 🙂

  3. Only if the prices of gas and vehicle fare goes so high, people would be forced to ride bicycles going to work will this project gets off the ground.

  4. @mugen – thanks for the insight. but i guess when that day comes, nobody would even have bikes anymore since they would already be expensive LOL

  5. This won’t be effective with the culture of Filipinos – kahit ilang kadena pa ilagay mo jan sa bisikleta mo, for sure mawawala yan malingon ka lang.

    It’s not that I don’t have faith…. Well, I guess I just don’t.

  6. @makmak – yeah, it won’t be unless the program would be backed up by a solid policy or ordinance or law and that there’s strict enforcement. the latter is very important.

    even if in general traffic, we have laws in place but lacking in effective and efficient enforcement.

    but then, knowing our kababayans….whatever is the easier way, dun sila kahit bawal. 🙂

  7. But it’s so hot in this country. i couldn’t imagine myself going to work on a bike along scorching EDSA.

    I’d surely smell like a skunk when i reach work. 🙂

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