Awesome Lea Salonga


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I am a big fan of Lea Salonga since my third year in high school, when I first heard her voice in the original recording of Miss Saigon. I suddenly fell in love with her aetherial voice. I felt proud as a Filipino when she was headlined then in London for Miss Saigon.

This year, Lea Salonga celebrates her 30 years in show business and her milestones in those years were aptly captured in her recently concluded Lea, My Life…On Stage concert on May 23-24, 2008 in PICC. Just the thought of watching her singing live again thrilled me and I was so excited more so that I could meet and greet her after the concert.

The show (May 24) began at around 8:30pm, considerably late from the supposed to be show time of 8:00pm. Well, Filipinos just wanted to be late….I think the show should have started on time if not for a significant number who wanted drama in their entrance to the concert hall. Some even came when Lea already sang 4 or 5 songs already, talking loudly to each other while trying to find their seats and that just annoyed me. Despite of these, the whole concert and Lea is just stunning. And I thought she’s already dress rehearsing for Cinderella with her Rajo Laurel gowns.

I could not take pictures since first of all I only have my camera phones with me and from where I sit, pictures tend to be blurry already using only those phones.

After the concert, we went to the Forum for some cocktails and to meet and greet Lea. Of course, I lined up for a shot with her and her authograph. hehe This is the first time that I have done this and I would do it again only with Lea. My only disappointment was not to be able to see and listen to her sing Defying Gravity (from the musical Wicked) live. Well, she might have sang it on the first night since it was in her repertoire.

And this post reminded me of my unclaimed raffle prize from the concert’s website. 🙂 I hope there’s a DVD of the concert coming out.


7 thoughts on “Awesome Lea Salonga

  1. Nagparticipate ka ba sa Regine – Lea thread wars sa G4 dati?

    May colleague ako noon, ineencourage niya akong sumama sa defense ni Lea kasi onti lang daw silang die-hard Lea fans noong mga time na yun.

    Seriously, it must be heaven for you to see her perform on stage. 🙂

  2. @southpark – that’s sad…well, would there be any cd recording of the concert?

    @ mugen – di po ako nagpaparticipate sa mga debates….because i know, no artist in the philippines can match her place in the industry, not even regine. hehehe and they’re not comparable naman…regine has a different style…birit style and lea does not like birit….you can sing a song effectively without birit….heheheh

    and yes, it was really heaven….with the AETHERIAL voice of lea…walang kupas….it’s getting even better! hheh

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