[American Idol 7] Final Performances…And So It Goes


As a majority predicted that the final 2 will be Archuleta and Cook, it was an exciting final performance match. Archuleta has a leaning towards the pop ballads while Cook is a certified rocker. Even when Archuleta seemed to attract more voters than Cook, I think the former needs to be exceptionally good with his performances since the latter is brilliant in re-inventing himself in every performances. But in the final showdown, David A just proved that he is worth the votes more than David C.

Today, the finalists have to sing 3 songs each where one of which will be the winner of the songwriting competition as in the previous season. But it seemed there were changes.

It’s odd that the final performance showdown was likened to a boxing championship match. Oh my! If this is a boxing match, Archuleta is a sure loser. hehe Well, let’s just contend ourselves with the slapstick metaphor that the AI producers had to mount on the new Nokia theater. Yes, you read right…the finals is in the Nokia theater and not on the usual Idol stage.

Clive David’s choice was U2’s I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For for Cook in the first round. Cook is rockin’ again as Simon declared it as a phenomenal performance. Well, this is just his first song. Clive might have gotten the song choice right for the Cookin’ rocker.

Another Clive’s choice, though safe, is Elton John’s Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me. Haven’t you noticed the song titles? Cook seemed to be really challenging Archuleta while the Arch is kinda pleading (not to take away his crown as the leader of the competition). Oh! I seem to have my mind going somewhere. Nevertheless, Archuleta delivered a very good performance. Well done.

And another surprise but good move from the producers: the contestants were made to choose among the 10 song nominees. Cook, who’s singing first in every round, picked Dream Big (hmnnnn…..I was reminded of Big Brother hehe). I heard all the 20 finalists in the songwriting competition and as I was saying, most of the songs bordered on the rock genre that gives Cook several to choose from. The song is simple but Cook sang it with his final-screaming-note style and I thought it was good. I could not get much out of Randy and Paula with their blabbers but Simon is consistently straight to the point. Average performance.

David A chose a sappy ballad In This Moment. I don’t like the song. But David A sang it very well and seemed to be in his best…no matter what he will sing. Simon thought that the second round went again to Archuleta which if America really listens to him might be a bad signal for Cook.

With the contestant’s choice in the third round, Cook choose The World I Know by Collective Soul. Simon thought that he should’ve sang either Hello or Billie Jean. I thought Cook made another good performance but hey…David A reprises his Imagine and I kind of understand what Simon was saying to David C. David A made the right choice with his signature song. No one can topple that performance and he even outshined his top 24 rendition in this final showdown. That means, we should stop imagining Cook to be the winner. Clearly, the night is won by David A by a mile.

With all these, I agree with Simon…Season 7 is one of the best finals in the history of AI.


4 thoughts on “[American Idol 7] Final Performances…And So It Goes

  1. who will win – DA
    who should win – DC

    Guess it’s best for DA to win as DC has a promising career ahead.

    After watching the series again via Star Word marathon over the weekend, DA & DC were the most consistent.

    Syesha, though i have never liked her, was the most improved.

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