musings in a nook…


just sitting in a nook inside one of the coffee shops in bonifacio high street this saturday afternoon is just so relaxing. though the weather is not that good, i thought it’s a time where my mind wanders while observing the people inside the cafe and being amused with heir conversations that i unintentionally overhear even though i have my ears padded with the music of alessandro safina.


looking at these people talking eagerly with each other over fancy coffee drinks, and with all their facial expressions and superfluous gestures, i could not help but be amazed by the drama that is brought by human interactions. be it superficial expressions or sincere words and gestures, man definitely embraces the beauty of life through these relationships. cliche as it may seem, man best live his life in relation with others.


this afternoon is also a time to reminisce the days that were during the past week. i haven’t gotten over the elation of having performed again on stage after several years. i just forget everything whenever i sing and the prospects of being a member of a professional choir awaken my long been stagnant ‘musical life’. i don’t have plans of going abroad, either for a tour or work, but the impending journey of my choir outside the country for choral competitions and festivals had me reconsider my stance. even with the prodding of my closest friends to work abroad, i don’t have the slightest interest. at the least, i would say that my life here in the Philippines is enough for me and i could realize my dreams even without going out of the country. but with bright prospects of my choral group joining festivals/competitions abroad may change all these. but then it is still something to think and think about.

on the other hand, i have a co-employee who just become a battered wife. days ago, she and her husband had literally a physical and violent fight to the extent that she was almost stabbed to death. it is a good thing that there was still the presence of an angel in the guise of the daughter. it is disappointing to know, however, that the one who wronged is the one who has the gall to be angry about the whole situation. and this is the situation: the husband has a mistress and he is fooling his wife for almost four months now. when the wife discovered all about it, she stopped talking to him and has been avoiding him. i really don’t know the details of how it has come to this point but definitely the husband was afraid with his wife and daughter leaving him for good. nevertheless, the whole mess has become uncontrollable with either party trying to hurt each other.

the aforementioned incident is a reality in our patriarchal society where it is just okay for the man to fool around or could just do whatever and whenever he wills rather than the woman. the woman is cursed and ostracized if she commits the slightest marital mistake. but there are filipinas today who have been awakened to this reality and that to stand up for what is just and equitable treatment of women in the society is very crucial to co-existence and ultimate survival. despite this, marital problems affect most the children with whom the same incidence can be repeated in their time and becomes a cycle.


3 thoughts on “musings in a nook…

  1. man best live his life in relation with others.

    – I agree with you.

    Goodluck on your performance. 🙂

  2. BHS has become very popular huh. My only complaint is the heat at noon that’s why I rarely visit the place. But there are a lot of good restos in the area. Try Mamou white. Food is just superb.

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