[American Idol 7] 3 Performances each for the Top 3


After the murmurs that Jeff Archuleta (David’s stage dad) got ‘banished’ from the backstage, The Arch can now (I hope) do his own thing. Hmnnn…

For the Top 3, they sung three songs each: a song from the judges, another one from the producers and their respective song choices.

First up was David A with Paula’s And So It Goes by Billy Joel. Well, Paula might have chosen another ballad for David and he sang it simply and beautifully. Good start for David. Randy said it was a dope song. Is David ‘doping’? And I agree with Simon…the performance was predictable but nevertheless set the bars high for the night.

Syesha got Randy’s choice If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys and was executed the Syesha way…divaesque. It was good and you can hardly see performances like this in Idol. And Simon squirmed on the song choice.

Simon gave Cook a very good song (one of my faves) The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face by Roberta Flack. Cook pulls it off…restrained and so reminiscent of his ALW voice. Cook’s song is not his forte but he still managed to bring out his style towards the end. Very good last note! Simon declared Cook the winner of first round. I say Bravo!

Personal choices on the second round and David A sang first with With You by Chris Brown. For me, it was a so so performance but a bit more advantageous for The Arch with its contemporary and youthful flavor. Didn’t have much soul either. And oh my! Simon blurted out another one liner: “like a chihuahua trying to be a tiger”.

It is already obvious that Syesha is really trying her best. Her personal choice was Fever. It may not be a powerful performance but definitely it was very sultry…much like more of her style.

With Cook singing Swithfoot’s Dare You To Move, the judges thought it was just an ok performance. The song is not that very familiar but it allowed Cook to be in his element.

I think it’s all about song choices tonight and how well can you interpret it.

The last round was producers’ choice. David was given a standard Longer by Dan Fogelberg. I don’t like it. It’s not for the David. I agree with Simon that it’s a horrible song for David but definitely he’s going for the finals. I just hope that the producers would not fill his debut album with such songs.

Syesha does Hit Me Up by Gia Ferrell (from Happy Feet soundtrack). The arrangement was uptempo and contemporary but no matter what she will do now, she will just remain in the 3rd spot. But who knows? America might bring in another shocker tomorrow. And I agree with Simon, her shining moment was with A Change Is Gonna Come (last week).

David Cook finished off the night with the producers’ pick I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith. I have heard this song for several times from different singers and I’m kind of bored already listening to it. The producers are crazy in their song choices.

So be it. The finals would be a battle between the 2 Davids.

Here’s the best performance for the night:


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