[American Idol 7] Top 4: Rockin’ Results


final4_syesha2Last night’s performances already fixed the eventual final 2 and you know who are they – the 2 Davids…unless the show might have another shocker. If it’s Syesha in the final 2 and one of the Davids, it’s ok…but not Jason.

Let’s admit it, Jason is one of the most original singers in the competition but for the past 3 or 4 weeks, he has not been performing well and even out of his league. The others are eating him. But he stayed all throughout until this week to perform two of his worst performances that had Simon telling him it’s time to pack. He’s just like Graziela the glamour cat in the Cats who sang (which he sang and doesn’t know anything about the song) Memory…fading in the moonlight and unrecognizable in the pavements. But what should be recognized here is that he has a lot of fans…but don’t you think it’s time to re-consider?

I was really in awe with Syesha’s performance of A Change Is Gonna Come. It was heartfelt and diva-like. I remembered Fantasia in her shining moments in season 3. I thought she deserves to stay on this week and continue the battle and see more changes in her.

But here are the results:

The two Davids are safe. Obviously.

Maroon 5.

Bo Bice.

And Jason is sent home.

Thanks America. You have come to your senses. 🙂

But of course, I won’t forget the eyes of Jason. Piercing. Tantalizing. 🙂

I am now a Fanesha! Go Syesha!


5 thoughts on “[American Idol 7] Top 4: Rockin’ Results

  1. i think syesha is the luckiest idol finalist ever. eternally at the bottom 3/2 and managed to land on the top 3.

  2. B3 to B2 hall of fame yan si Syeshia and kanina ko lang napanood yun performance nilas yesterday, hay, sabi nga sa ibang blogs/threads sympathy votes kaya nasa Top 3.

    Sayang talaga sila Carly and Michael Johns.

    Pansinin nyo, kamukha ni Roma Maffia (Dr. Liz Cruz of Nip Tuck) si Jason Castro. 🙂

  3. @a louie – yeah, Syesha might have gotten sympathy votes after her so-called drama in the performance night. most often, i don’t like the way she interprets a song but i think it’s high time that America should recognize her efforts (if that’s the only thing they could be able to recognize) besides her singing ability. she might be very lucky in the previous eliminations but this week, she had it. she showed what a singing competition should be.

    nevertheless, AI is about popularity and being beautiful for America. that’s the pop culture. and it doesn’t matter whether you have talent or none at all. so definitely, she will just be stuck in the #3 position for obviously, the odds are with the 2 Davids.

    And yes, Carly and Michael are a great loss. They both are talented. As we are saying, America got their eliminations wrong.

    Merci. 🙂

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