[American Idol 7] Top 4: The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Performances


With 3 performances left to go, the Idol contestants battle it out in this week’s rock-and-roll-themed night and of course, they will still be singing 2 songs each. Ryan ‘jokingly’ made sure that the judges understood the format (gosh! after Paula’s blunder last week with Jason – yes – but…after 7 seasons?). Well, here goes my assessments of the performances (forgive me but I’m not really a fan of rock and roll hehe):

1. David Cook took the stage first with Duran Duran’s Hungry Like The Wolf. I got to know a little bit of Duran Duran’s songbook when I was in my early years and most of their songs tend towards pop. And David did not succeed in transforming the song into his rock style. But still good though. His second song Baba O’Riley by The Who revealed yet another Cook’s masterpiece, plunging from lower register first then rockin’ it to the end of the arrangement. Obviously, David A might be in danger comes Final 2 round.

2. Syesha, the lone girl standing in the competition, sang Proud Mary of Tina Turner in her first performance for the night. I thought this is another bad choice of song for her. But she dances good – must be a Broadway act? hehe However, this is a singing competition and not a a dance competition so I bet she again indulged herself into those wailing moments. And Paula said, “magnetic voice”. Hmnnn. Paula is always unbelievable with her comments. Annnnd Syesha bounces back with her second song A Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke and I really liked it. Randy dumped her performance and made her cry but Paula and Simon liked it. I hope the producers will let her record that song for iTunes and that the American voters would see the ‘changes’ with Syesha vis-a-vis Jason Castro. I would like her to be in the top 3. Go Syesha!

3. Jason’s version of Bob Marley’s I Shot the Sheriff is definitely karaoke and I like what Simon said about ‘first round audition massacre”. By golly Jason’s first performance did not match Cook’s and Syesha’s. His second song might already send him packing (you’re being thrown out by Simon! haha) as he forgot his lyrics to Mr. Tambourine Man by Bob Dylan. Goodbye Jason!!! Even though you have tantalizing eyes, this is a singing competition Jason!. hehe

4. The last to perform in the first round was David Archuleta with Stand By Me by Ben E. King. The performance was great, the better if not the best in the first round, but I kinda been hearing almost the same interpretation. His second song Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley was oversung and mostly going away with the original melody just like what he did to Think of Me during the ALW week. And it is very obvious that Randy is promoting him for the crown. Sheesh. But it doesn’t matter if he’s consistently being boring to me….he’s still cute. hehe

If Jason would again be saved tomorrow, then I got to conclude that America doesn’t know what a singing competition is.

I thought the whole performance night was topped by Syesha with her second song. So be it.


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