A World To Believe In


this is 10th track of Celine Dion’s latest English album Taking Chances. It has beautiful lyrics…

You gave me faith
And you gave me a world to believe in
You gave me a love to believe in
And feeling this love
I can rise up above
And be strong, and be whole once again

Video: 伊藤由奈 × Celine Dion – あなたがいる限り ~A WORLD TO BELIEVE IN~

…this is a duet with Yuna Ito of Japan


4 thoughts on “A World To Believe In

  1. @dabo…yeah…she’s really good. i instantly loved her with her 1997 album Let’s Talk About Love.

    i think there is a recent release of her classics..a 2-cd compilation “X2” 🙂

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