I am only in the Chapter 4 of the on-line class on the Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose with Oprah. I am taking this slowly since most of what I know and believe are in contrary to what the book is teaching. But so far, I thought the teachings in the book are not divisive in matters of faith and religion. Basically, we already have these knowledge of what the book is talking about..we just have to be ‘awakened’ or be enlivened in our human life for which purpose the book was written. Some are ready to accept these teachings because they are totally ready while most others are still resistant which brings me to quote Eckhart as follows:

“…the shift can only happen inside you. So not to expect other people to also change or to expect or say, “I cannot change unless somebody close to me also changes.” The main thing is to take responsible for your own state of consciousness and allow other people, especially people that you are close to, to be where they are, not to demand that because something is happening inside you and you’re beginning to change, not to demand that others should also change. Change does not come about in others by trying to make them change. The most powerful way of bringing about change in others is not trying to bring about change in the other but to completely accept the other as he or she is. So that is absolutely vital. There are even schools of psychotherapy that recognize that. So you give the other person, complete acceptance. And that part of this change that’s happening in us is that we
step out of the judgmental mind that continuously judges the other. So we step out of that, and if we step out of the judgmental mind, we’re able to simply accept the partner, close friend, the family member, a relative. This is where they are at right now. They are still going for their old behavior patterns…What has changed is you are no longer resisting their pattern and reacting to, and by reacting reinforcing their pattern.”

I am guilty of the ‘judgmental mind’ so much so that it had me awake most of last night. I guess the magic word in Eckhart’s discourse is acceptance. And I believe it is not indifference when you are not doing something to bring about the needed change to someone or something or to yourself.

“And don’t mistake what you’re observing, the behavior that people manifest…that’s not who they are.”

And this brought me to again remember that things are not always what they seem to be.

10 thoughts on “ON CHANGE

  1. instead of the word acceptance try “embrace”.. to quote sir einstein: “our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion, to embrace all living creatures and the whole nature and its beauty.”

    the challenge in awakening is the task itself.. so how one should be awakened?..

    this one is really striking I am guilty of the ‘judgmental mind’ so much so that it had me awake most of last night.

    i can bet a thousand dollars (yikes) that you are indeed a judgemental. you just made a verdict. guilty!

    but that is what important, being aware of what you are or what you think you are.. sabi nga ni eminem “i am what you think i am, coz if i am not, you wouldn’t say what you think i am” thus validating that we are creatures of judgement. we DO judge the book the book by its cover.. this is necessary for survival.

    example is, you are in a hospital, and this guy entered flashing a big smile on his face, carrying a monkey wrench and dirty work clothes plus boots, and said “hi im doctor michael, let me check you”

    would you allow him? of course not, coz you already assumed he is a plumber/construction worker..

    the more wise questions are: are you ready to be judged by others?

    and how much do you trust your judgement

    are you willing to forgive yourself everyday, (since we always make judgement of ourselves completely in every nanosecs, some of this verdicts are sad and harsh..)

    — —
    what is LS.. campus radio ba yun? thanks sa pagdaan sa blog ko.. napadami ata ang sinabi ko.. wahh!

  2. Haba ng comment ni dave ah.

    But I agree that change should come from within us and not from others. I still have to grasp what the book says in its reality. Medyo nahihirapan akong intindihin siya eh.

  3. @dabo: thanks for the wisdom =) but i would like to clarify certain points that you have said in the context of what i have posted:

    1. instead of the word acceptance try “embrace”.. to quote sir einstein: “our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion, to embrace all living creatures and the whole nature and its beauty.” ==> i must say this is very correct. but i think the process here is that acceptance precedes embracing. how could you ’embrace’ (in the context of what einstein had said) if you have fail ed to accept the real you as well as recognizing the conscious essence of others? there is no freedom there and there’s no appreciation of the beauty of creation because we are still confused/clouded by the biased thoughts (your ego) and associations that dominate our minds and feelings. ’embracing’ is to accept first then be one with the universe.

    2. yes, we are creatures of judgment…SUPERFICIALLY. actually, this is not who we really are. our often sad past and the over-anticipation of our future made us judgmental. hence, being ‘awakened’ here is to delve into our innermost ‘being’ who is conscious and free of bias..being at the moment. that is why, if you have been in touched with your ‘true being’, then you will not conclude that that doctor who obviously looks like a plumber is really a plumber. because labeling him as a likely plumber only reinforces your ego (unconscious self)that tells you he is not a doctor. by telling you outright that he’s a doctor, he opens himself to you beyond FORMS. what will you do? be receptive and accept him being your doctor and let him treat you. after all, things are always what they seem to be. i think this is an example of ’embracing’.

    and you’re right, the task is a big challenge for all of us. it is always a rough road to enlightenment.

    and since you asked, LS means Lea Salonga. hehe

    thank you again for your insights. =)

  4. @mugen: yeah, there’s no better for change to start from but within us. and yes, medyo philosophical nga yung book. =)

  5. @honda…follow the link of Oprah.com here: http://www2.oprah.com/index.jhtml

    and search for ‘a new earth’. i could not exactly give you the links of previous classes since the site is being preempted for the 9th online class webcast

    you can also download the podcast at iTunes

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