Awakening [chapter 2]


In Oprah’s podcast discussion of the second chapter of A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, I was particularly struck by one of the Skype questions coming from one of the readers of the book. I thought it also happened to me.

The Skype caller was a mom who has been a shopaholic; and she admitted she was. Because of what the book has taught her, she no longer shops by impulse or whenever she feels good. She learned to control her urges and managed to come to terms that what she buys before are actually dispensable and therefore not necessary. And she felt good about herself without necessarily spending to ‘celebrate’ her good mood. However, her son (I forgot the age; I think he was about 10) has imbibed that feel-good-so-I’ll-shop mood. So one day, she told her son that she feels good and she’s happy. Her son queried if they’re going to shop. The mom was caught off-guard. This led her to realize the immensity of the effect of her compulsive habit.

I also had this compulsive habit before and every now and then I get to buy shirts and polos (hmnn…not just clothes by the way) that I just wear for 2 or 3 times until I got another new one. Most oftentimes, my interest in those shirts waned and they end up just stored in the closet. Now most of them do not fit me anymore. What a waste! I think that habit was brought about by the glitter of a new career and peer pressure.

So I had come to a realization that that habit has to be stopped or at the least minimized. So for the last 5 years, I totally controlled that urging and focused myself with more ‘valuable’ matters. At the least, I got to cancel all my credit cards, stopped carrying a wallet and I just maintain enough money for my daily needs in my purse. Though the banks may profit more from this (everytime I withdraw from atm every now and then hehe), the resolve was really a great help for me in tightening my pocket and be free of worries. Henceforth, window shopping became a past time and learned just to admire things I ‘want’ as they are in the shops’ windows.

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