American Idol 7: Kristy Lee’s luck ends


Obviously, the boys shined last performance night. They were brilliant in their take of MC’s songs. Now, it’s Top 7 results time. But this week generated the lowest number of votes for the season and since 2005 for a performance show – approximately 23.7 million only. What’s this got to do with MC?

It’s good to see Elliot Yamin again on Idol stage. Sang Free from his debut album.

This time the Idols were grouped, I presume, based on the their votes. Another surprise (though they have done this several times in the past seasons). The surprise here is who will be the members of each group. Take your pick hehe.

Jason and David C first, heading each of the two groups.

Carly went on to Jason’s group while Kristy to David C. If my presumption was right, Kristy will not be in the bottom 3. Arrgh!

After Elliot sang, Syesha joined Jason’s group while Brooke who has been kind of apologetic of her performance joined David C’s. At this point, I would like to believe that Jason’s group is the weak one. But who knows, Ryan is the best actor in the AI drama series. =) David A was left ungrouped. He’s safe anyway…

Phone questions. David C is single.

Thank goodness Mariah did not sing Touch My Body. Instead, she rendered Bye Bye from her latest album. I wished she sang one of her signature songs.

David A, as expected, is safe and was asked by Ryan to choose which group he thinks is safe. And then a sit down strike? Ala Melinda Doolittle.

And the bottom 3: Kristy, Syesha and Brooke (my hunch was correct but I would prefer her safe over Carly).

annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndddd KRISTY LEE ELIMINATED!!!



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