American Idol 7: Top 7 Performances – MC night


Some people I know are overly excited to see Mariah Carey in AI again (after IGB last week). Mariah is the music mentor this week, making the performance night a moment of ‘butterflies’. It seems, however, that there are also others I know and also read about who doubted Mariah’s competence as an Idol mentor. No one will ever doubt her commercial success though but music mentoring is not all about marketing, or so I thought.

Mariah’s songs are rarely sung, if ever they were, in AI. Firstly, anyone who will sing a Mariah melody would be faced with rather harsh criticism of being a trying hard which would just highlight a contestant’s weaknesses rather than the strong points. Secondly, no one can ever match Mimi’s idiosyncratic vocal style which dominates her songs. Thirdly, most of the songs are ‘unhummable’ that is tantamount to being forgettable. Unlike most of Whitney’s and Celine’s songs, Mariah’s are seemingly technical showcases rather than depth and meaning often found in the lyrics that is best presented by a simpler arrangement and melody.

Personally, I would prefer a Mariah in her early days as a singer. Her recently released album E=Mc2 is pure R&B and I don’t like it.

Well, I was hoping that only Syesha and Carly can manage to sing ala Mariah. But still no once can match the high octaves of MC. I also wondered how Brooke, Jason and David C would fair with the songbook. Only the girls are endangered of being flatly compared to Mariah. Hmnnn…let’s see.

David A went first and sang When You Believe (Mariah did this with Whitney, theme song for the animated film Prince of Egypt). The song is so ‘Disneyish’ (I’m beginning to like the vocabulary of Simon hehe) and I think is well-suited for The Arch. Again, he sang it like any other ballad and tried to belt out ala-MC with his faltered falsetto. Nevertheless, he’s still the frontrunner of the competition.

Carly sang Without You and as expected Simon thought it was not as good as Mariah. Poor Carly. I bet she’ll be in the B3 again tomorrow.

Syesha chose a less known song Vanishing and ‘fantasized’ to be like MC with her wailing. To the B3…again.

Brooke was back with her piano. Another Let It Be? No. It was a Hero song. Original though. But I think she might be endangered for the B3 slot.

Kristy Lee took on Forever. I don’t know what’s with this girl but everytime I see her performing, I loathe. I really want to see her bid goodbye.

David C, the most original contestant so far, tried to be like Eddie Vedder with Always Be My Baby but Simon seemed not to like it and calls the night “karaoke night”. I like the restraint with David though.

Jason closed the performance show with I Don’t Wanna Cry and the judges liked the performance. Nice, soft and mellow. Randy was reminded of a “luau’.

My B3 choices: Kristy, Syesha, Carly

3 thoughts on “American Idol 7: Top 7 Performances – MC night

  1. i beg to disagree that mariah’s songs are forgettable… well maybe some but not most. i do believe that her metamorphosis from the likes of celine and whitney to the groovy R&B diva that she is now is a step for her longevity, and being on top, as she was always saying- this kind of music is really her type… celine and whitney are close to retirement, though i love them also, but still mariah is in demand. EMC2 though in the line of R&B showcases different flavors from r&B to hiphop, from ballads to reggae and its nice to hear her experiment on these things and the results for me is good.

    good day!

    yes i am an MC fan.


  2. i must agree,,,

    although its nice to make risks or changes into your singing styles for you to survive the industry, but i still believe that it is still important to leave something original in the current album. something which mariah was known for.

  3. @mink: thanks for your comment. but in music a song is ‘forgettable’ if it is basically unsingable and ‘unhummable’. a song that is unsingable will not be remembered after a certain period. that is the trend in popular music.

    and i think you would react to my term ‘unsingable’. it is so since only mariah could sing her songs as they should be. no other.

    thanks again for your comment and visit here.

    @wanderer: correct! hehe

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