half rice part 4


the price of rice in the global market is expected to reach US$1,000 per ton, a giant leap (almost 3x) of the 2007 year-end price of US$360.  

moreso, the common people’s rice, that of the NFA, is also expected to increase to P25 with the import of US rice.  that is roughly 35% from last week’s price per kilo.  are we up to rice rationing this time?

staggering. continued panic. infuriating. frustrating.  sheesh!

the US economic downturn continues to threaten slumping of other countries’ economies (especially the developing countries like the Philippines).  this was conferred by the world’s economic ministers in their annual meeting in Washington this year.  Robert Zoellick, president of World Bank, remarked:  “we have to put our money where our mouth is now, so that we can put food into hungry mouths. it is as stark as that.”

everything now boils down to two choices, that is, cutting on the consumption of rice (if you can) or cut spending on something else to pay for rice.  if you could get away with rice and dwell on the substitutes (corn, potato, kamote), do it.  bread is not even a wise option since their prices are also increasing.

should we blame the government for not putting much emphasis and priority support for agriculture?  we are basically an agricultural country and yet we still import agricultural food products like rice.

policy priority.  financial support.  sustainability. i think the government should dwell along these lines for our agricultural sector.

scorching heat and food crisis…we are beginning to be like Africa.


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