the heat is on! [part 2]


the past days we experienced one of the highest (the highest so far this year) temperature:  36.3 degrees centigrade.  and on the next few days it is expected that the weather temperature would reach 37-38 degrees in some parts of the country.

i saw in a tv newscast last night that a kind of skin disease has already been reported among filipinos….mukhang bulutong but i think it’s worse than chicken pox and the news said it could be fatal. so let’s be careful.

it makes sense when i heard that a guy friend would use an umbrella – protection from heat….it makes sense.  just so that the kind of heat we have is not anymore safe basically because of the destruction of the protective layer of our beloved earth that is called ozone.  we became vulnerable to the scorching heat of the sun.

so when you go out these days, protect yourself from the heat.  how to protect yourself?  i just leave that to you…it’s your style and i think we are old enough to know what to do. hehe

2 thoughts on “the heat is on! [part 2]

  1. literally every minute i keep on complaining how hot summer is. then nakita ko sa news yung haba ng pila para makabili ng nfa rice. natahimik na lang ako at sinabing yan lang ba ang kaya mo global warming? LAKASAN MO PA!!!

  2. @wandering: reverse psychology for nature? hehe i hope it would work…but man has really abused his natural environment in the guise of science. the rice crisis is just one of the many manifestations of nature’s ‘natural’ reaction.

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