half rice part 3


i felt guilty last monday when i couldn’t eat all of the rice that was served to me at dinner. the serving was more than the usual i am taking in during dinner. i also did not realize the restaurant’s generous rice serving.

anyhow, the price of a kilo of rice is soaring and i think it could reach the level of P50 before the end of this month as it’s price in the world market kept on increasing.

the government is still adamant on declaring the looming rice shortage. consequently, prices of other basic commodities have been increased and some people starts panic buying and horde supplies speculating on the continuance of increasing prices. others keep it cool while studying the market.

everything seems to be ‘dry’ nowadays. can you still afford to go to the beach and be ‘wet’?

5 thoughts on “half rice part 3

  1. sa S&R daming bigas and everytime i go to the grocery dami naman bigas ah.. saan ang shortage ba?

    hay, ewan ko lang ha, i know its global pero pinalalaki lang yan balita na yan para mag panic ang mga pinoy tapos para magkagulo na naman. tayong mga pinoy nga naman.

  2. @mugen: hehe well, bihira ka lang naman siguro kumain ng kanin

    @louie: for now, i think there’s still enough supply of rice but there’s an interplay of other economic factors supplemented by the speculative attitude of filipinos. alam mo naman ang pinoy sa ganyang bagay, kahit no reason to increase prices, nag-iincrease…i am thinking nga na rice is becoming to be like fuel oil. =)

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