Pinoy Idol on GMA.

This is supposed to be the season 2 of Philippine Idol. But GMA was stuck with the ‘network supremacy’ and ‘rights’ mentality and dumped whatever has been left of PI on ABC 5 and even disregarded Mau Marcelo as the first Philippine err Pinoy Idol.

As I expected (as with any other GMA shows), the production side is lacking with the pilot episode last April 5. Though I did not have the opportunity to watch the whole show, I thought it was boring. I don’t like Jolina being one of the judges – she’s not that credible.

I hope they could do more on the production side (e.g. editing, features, etc) of the show and let the people be glued to it just like AI.

I am just excited with the singing contest since my niece is one of 179 hopefuls who got the yellow ticket to vie for the top 24. I hope she can make it.

Well, for those of you who reads through this blog, expect more entries on American Idol 7 and Pinoy Idol.

To my niece, sing! hehe


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