half rice part 2



first we were told to conserve (err consume a little less) rice.

fastfood chains offering half servings of rice at the price of one.

jollibee increased the prices of its menu by an average of P3.00 on april 1. i still haven’t noticed if mcdo also increased their prices. did they?

rice retailers are threatening of a ‘rice holiday’ if the SRP of NFA rice will not be increased.

analysts project that rice will reach P50 to P70 a kilo. aw, isn’t this neat? while the prices of other commodities are also rising. do we have a choice here?

so what’s with the current ‘rice crisis’? the government kept on declaring that there is no rice shortage. but we are planning to import rice at the least.

i realized last night that if there’s no shortage in the supply of rice, why is it that the price keeps on escalating? the law of supply and demand would clearly explain this.

is this the dramatic effect of the recession in the US and the weakening of US dollar in the international market?

let’s wait and see. but for the meantime, i thought it’s time to REALLY SAVE and conserve everything. but don’t starve yourselves.

6 thoughts on “half rice part 2

  1. and what about your rate of eating? i mean how fast you eat and how much? rice is not the only fattening food out there.

  2. hehe. I have an almost the same entry. I only had knowledge of this rice crisis when I was placing half of my rice to a corner for me to not eat.

    ayun. napagalitan. Good thing ngayon as much as I can, I don’t eat rice na. Diet kuno. haha

  3. @hondamac: kuya, hindi ako masungit. masungit ba yung tanong ko? hehe

    @mugen: kuya, ano ang ‘ishkeri tot’? hahaha

    @toilet thoughts: sige, diet ka na lang muna hehe

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