American Idol 7: Top 9 Performances (Philippine Spoiler)


Here’s another American Idol blah blah for the top 9 hopefuls’ performances and some of them are way out of their comfort zones. It was a country themed-night and the mentor was Dolly Parton. I will not write on the songs they sang since obviously WE (well I, specifically) are not familiar with them except for one song popularized by Whitney Houston.

For those who blogged about this night, there were some sort of a guessing game going on who will take the ‘dreaded’ I Will Always Love You song. If it would be one of the guys, it would be more of a country, mellow singing I think but if it would be one of the girls then definitely it would be a Whitney Houston imitation.

Well, it was Syesha the diva who took on the song and was dumped by Simon as actually a Whitney overkill.

David C can really sing any song and adapt it to his own style. I thought he has done a great (but restrained this time) performance again.

Brooke likewise did a great job I think with one of the best (they say) Parton songs. Well, she got that sensitivity for a country song and a voice to match.

No doubt it was Kristy Lee Cook’s night. But I still think she should have been gone early on the competition.

The Arch did a spiritual ballad and seemed good enough not to put him in the bottom 3 tomorrow. Well, what the heck! Whatever what and how he sings, he seems to be the anointed one for the Season 7.

Carly ‘outsung’ the song again with those high notes.

Forgettable performances: Ramiele’s, Michael’s, Jason’s.

Well, you know who are my bottom 3.


9 thoughts on “American Idol 7: Top 9 Performances (Philippine Spoiler)

  1. i think it’s we’re going to see malubay say her goodbyes. or at least be at the bottom 3 for the first time.

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