footprints in the sand…


You walked with me
Footprints in the sand
And helped me understand
Where I’m going
You walked with me
When I was all alone
With so much unknown along the way
Then I heard you say

I promise you
I’m always there
When your heart is filled with sorrow and despair
I’ll carry you
When you need a friend
You’ll find my footprints in the sand

I see my life
Flash across the sky
So many times have I
Been so afraid
And just when I
I thought I’d lost my way
You gave me strength to carry on ….

– Footprints In The Sand, Leona Lewis (Spirit, 2007)

uplifting in times of sadness and when hope seems to flicker away in your life…

reassures and appeases your soul when it becomes restless…

what are friends, family and God for? they keep us going in the battle that is life.


8 thoughts on “footprints in the sand…

  1. Aw. Forgive me for saying this but FITS is probably the most boring song I’ve heard this year. (Peace tayo kuya white! ^^)

    The message’s nice pero there’s something wrong in the arrangement and production of the song.

  2. hehe it’s ok. but i don’t find it boring though in the technical aspects you mentioned, you’re a bit right. just read on the lyrics.

    i thought i should share this song since i found solace in the lyrics today….i feel sad kasi e…

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