The Blog Readability Test


I found the link to this test in a blog and I tried it. Here’s the result even if I don’t know how it works:

blog readability test

This means that readers should be at least a college undergraduate to understand this blog.

Also tried some of my friends’ blog readability and here are the results:

blog 1 – genius (find this really amusing!)

blog 2 – high school (i think so too)

blog 3 – high school (definitely)

blog 4 – college postgrad [because of the sentence construction?]

blog 5 – high school (interesting but i think it should be college undergrad)

blog 6 – high school (i wonder why…supposed to be college undergrad)

blog 7 – junior high school (expected!)

blog 8 – college undergrad (graduate na po ito! hehe pero nag-aaral pa rin)


2 thoughts on “The Blog Readability Test

  1. i think this based on the blog number of entries.. my ‘new’ blog result is HS while my blogger page is College (undergrad).

    and i tired some hard core blog sites and no result.

  2. that means the fewer entries there are, you will have a “genius” result? that’s why blog 1 in my list resulted to being a “genius” blog. hehe but i doubt it.

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