Not all that comes into your mind could be uttered. Sometimes, it is better to shut up and keep your mind blowing with those thoughts.

Not all feelings are ought to be expressed. Sometimes, it is better to keep the hurt within us in order to preserve the status quo.

Not all we can see presents the truth. Sometimes, things are not what they seem to be. So be cautious.

Be sensitive. Sometimes, it also pays to be callously sensitive to be more precise.


6 thoughts on “Sensitivity

  1. exhortation –

    Definition: warning; an utterance, discourse, or address conveying urgent advice or recommendations.

    Synonyms: admonition, advice, beseeching, bidding, caution, counsel, encouragement, enjoinder, entreaty, goading, incitement, instigation, lecture, persuasion, preaching, sermon, urging

  2. oh no i get it. at frist reading i thought you were asking me if myfirst post was an exhortation. so I wondered. statement pala. he he he

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