August Rush: Music Is Just Around Us..Just Listen


A week ago, I was introduced to the soundtrack of the musical film August Rush. I instantly loved it. August’s Rhapsody is the best especially with the falsetto humming of a child. It is a beautiful piece of music that will make your heart beat faster in awe and wonder, in line with Holland’s Opus. It is supposed to be a feel good movie but for certain reasons my longing to sing again as I used to be was reverberated and somehow made me sad after watching the movie last night.

I’ve been singing since I was in the third grade with our school choir, with our church choir and from to time to time been joining in singing competitions. I practically grew up singing and my passion for music intensified. But there were circumstances along the way that made this passion somehow weakened until such time that I set aside its pursuit in favor of more viable aspirations.

But the movie August Rush showed me that music “is just around us” and all we have to do is to LISTEN. Metaphorically speaking, I’m sure this refers to the music of life. Life can be compared to a symphonic music where there are moods, the highs and lows. There are parts that are fast and seem to make the listener’s adrenaline rush and then there are also parts that are very soft and slow and can make someone cry. Ultimately there is this part, usually the finale or final measure, that would heighten all emotions and will bring everyone to some sort of ecstasy and/ or fulfillment.

Listening (or being sensitive) and responding to these crests and throughs, to these crescendos and pianissimos of everyday life, we will be able to complete the symphony of our lives. Let’s just not engrave repeat marks so that our masterpiece would be through and through until the finale.

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