Windows to Mac World


I am a Windows user. I could manage my way around Windows very well.

But lately, I think I began to acquire some fascination with Apple products. Before I am just acquainted with iTunes. Now, I got 2 iPods. Isn’t it neat? hehe

Though I have squeezed this in my budget, I am quite excited and amazed with my latest iPod.


14 thoughts on “Windows to Mac World

  1. aha, it will start with an ipod touch then the “all-apple products will follow” and your wallet will be empty, LOL!!

    seriously, when you switch to mac, you will never go back to windows (of course some work places are still using windows machines, sigh).

    congrats on your new toy.

    btw, when you got your touch, is it a want or need, just asking, LOL!!!!!

  2. @louie: obviously it’s unplanned. not a need though.

    @chris: temptation! i’ll stop here…at least for this year. heheh i’ll wait for office to change our notebooks waaa

  3. chris is right, get a macbook and enjoy the ‘mac world”

    checklist mo:
    1. Touch – done
    2. MacBook –
    3. Tine Capsule
    4. Airport Extreme
    5. Canon SLR or high end P&S
    6. Crumpler
    7. iPhone (optional)

    basic pa lang yan.. whay wait next year, do it now, di ba friend.. did i miss something sa list? 🙂

  4. but the hassle of having mac is that not all people happens to have MAC OS especially internet cafes. convenient-wise not that suitable for me.
    on the other hand, i really like the displays, features and designs of MAC OS and even ipods, quite unique especially for a windows user like me as well.

  5. convenient – portability
    connection – wi-fi (hotspots all over the metro)
    internet cafe – do they still exist?

    display, features and designs – there is more to macintosh machine.

    comment coming from a mac user since 2000. 🙂

  6. @wanderer: i’m basically a Windows user as i’ve said but i recently realized that Mac is comparably the same although each platforms do have their respective strengths. internet cafes? definitely you cannot find any Mac there, not even a logo i guess hehe since we were first introduced to a PC with Windows as platform…anyhow, i think Mac is speedily catching up with Windows in terms of acceptability. the trend now is portability (aka notebooks). the end of all these is to make use of the different technologies available to make our life easier and fun. =)

    @louie: yeah, i could not argue with you! haha besides got this fascination of mine when i was exposed to Mac users like you hehe and there are still internet cafes around…not all could afford that “portability” thing. hehe

  7. @chris: it’s just simple hehe just set up your email account e.g. yahoo as follows:

    1. go to SETTINGS
    2. go to MAIL
    3. ADD ACCOUNT and choose service
    4. enter NAME as you want it to appear when you send messages
    5. enter full EMAIL ADDRESS
    6. enter required PASSWORD same password as when you access your email account
    7. if you are connected with internet, your account will be verified immediately and set up na else just SAVE it and when you have internet connection na, open your email account and it will just verify it and voila there…you have it already set up

    is this helpful? =)

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