I don’t know but someone referred me as ‘whitelighter’…my original handle in a certain ‘social’ site. When I came back to that site after a long abstinence and hybernation, I found out that someone has used the same handle and the site prompted me to change it. So I changed it to just ‘whitelight’.

I was a fan of the television series Charmed. I like the concept and Alyssa Milano was my high school crush among the foreign celebrities. And I was amazed with the nature and powers of a whitelighter (e.g. Leo Wyatt, Paige Halliwell) which first appeared in the series’ season one, episode three. So I adapted the term for my internet handle.

Whitelighters are good-natured (but can be bossy according to Wiki) and are considered to be ‘guardian angels’ who always keep their charges safe. They have the ability to orb (magical teleportation) and the power to generate orbs of light (called white light). They could heal and this ability is triggered by the emotion of love (I like this!). They also have the power of glamouring, that is, ‘orbing into anyone’ and allows them to take the physical form of others. They are messengers between the Elders and the witches particularly the Charmed Ones and bridges the information from the former to the latter, information not found in the Book of Shadows. But they are generally not allowed to have relationships with witches (remember what happened to Leo and Piper?). They can sense their charges but have limited telekinetic communication with them. They have a wide range of powers but many of them only surface if needed to benefit their charges. And they are generally pacifists.

I want to be one. hehe


8 thoughts on “Whitelighter

  1. waaaaahh…the first time i saw your name, i already thought of whitelighters. i am so amazed with this character as well.

    haaay gone with those days that i was a charmed fanatic

  2. @wandering: hehe oo nga. sayang at wala na ang Charmed. But Studio 23 have re-runs now. I think it’s the final season (8). =)

    @amicus: ey! thanks for passing by here. nice to meet you. and I was really amused with the ‘rider’ thing haha

  3. ^^

    – someone [who is a big fan of Charmed but never really understood why they called Leo’s species as such until a few days ago when somebody explained it to me]


    POSTSCRIPT. Off-topic but I love Piper. ^^

  4. i’ve watched charmed from the beginning til the end.

    i must say i wanted to be like wyatt. heheheh…parang power-hungry talaga ako hahahha lol.

  5. @makmak: who is that someone? hehe

    @DN: and that’s why you always make use of your protective shield with almost anybody…hmnnn…now i understand. =)

  6. Aw. It was supposed to be like:

    “^^” by “the” someone. Anyway, I should just drop it before it becomes more confusing.

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