American Idol 7: Top 8 Guys’ Performances


Last night was the last chance the guys had in order to prove themselves worthy of a spot in the Final 12. One did a reverse psychology of his song choice while a few were a bit brave in their own choices.

Luke Menard – sang “Wake Me Up Before You Go, Go.”: now this is a reverse psychology (got this association from a fan review which I also think it is). Luke has a good high-pitched voice but choosing the song he sang would send signals that ‘hey! I’m a great singer and I can just do anything.’ But unfortunately, it was bad. I think he’s at the bottom of the group and will be soon eliminated.

David Archuleta – sang ““Another Day In Paradise”: Hmnnn…I really like The Arch and I’m sure he will be in the Final 2 but I agree with Simon that it’s time that he will do some fast-paced songs and avoid making his fans gloomy. I’m not really impressed with his performance this week but it’s still good considering he made some bravery singing the first half of his song playing the piano himself.

Danny Noriega – sang “Tainted Love”: Awwwwww! A very bad performance. I can’t get anything out of it: from the attitude to the last note of the song. Danny has a good voice and entertaining but I just can’t imagine him being an American Idol. I think he will be in the bottom 3 and will be in danger of being eliminated with Chickezie and Luke, unless his unreasonable fans would go gaga voting for him.

David Hernandez – sang “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now”: I love the song choice and I hope I could also pull that song off myself. hehe David made a good rendition of the song though. I’m sure he will be in the Top 12 despite the ‘stripper’ issue.

Michael Johns – sang “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”: Since the audition days, I like Michael especially when he sang the Queens’ “Bohemian Rhapsody” during the Hollywood eliminations for Top 24. I think he made another strong performance last night except for his kind of annoying way of holding the microphone. He’ll be in the Final 12.

David Cook – sang “Hello”: for a while I thought Cook will deliver a ballad in the ways of The Arch. But bang! He re-arranged the Lionel Ritchie classic and braved an alternative rendition of the song. Whew! Awesome! Definitely he made his mark as an artist last night with this song. Hay….I could not help but to reminisce by grade school days…the song was a radio hit during those times. hehe And by the way, the song and his interpretation of it secured Cook a high place in the Final 12.

Jason Castro – sang “Hallelujah”: Finally, he sang without his guitar. And he brought the house to ecstasy with his song. It was my first time to hear it but after that, I know it will be in my favorite songs collection. I’m trying to search for a downloadable actually hehe. Gosh! There’s something with the eyes of Jason – hypnotic. And again, that performance secured him a place in the Final 12.

Chickezie – sang “All The Woman That I Need”: he closed the show and I almost forgot it. hehe

And here’s my Top 6 Guys for the Final 12 (I hope I got it right! hehe):
1. David Archuleta
2. David Cook
3. Jason Castro
4. Michael Johns
5. David Hernandez
6. Danny Noriega

Crossing fingers. hehe Let’s wait for the girls’ turn.


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