Hard Habit To Break



That was it. This is it. I’ve told myself to be always patient and nice. But this time I can’t any longer. At least to one person.

At work, I always try to be professional as much as I can but there’s always those co-workers who are not. Well, life and work, specifically, may not be that exciting if there are no contrabidas.

I have been ignoring this person at work for almost two weeks now. Why? She provoked me and I am already tired of her warmongering with almost anyone. I know my anger would be diminished and eventually be gone in a few more days but definitely things she had done will not be forgotten. As in my previous post, I am a pacifist. But then again I should not leave things as they are, for her to continue maligning and manipulating others to suit her needs, callous as she is. I am teaching her a lesson, something she will definitely learn and never forget and I hoping to learn from it also in the process.

I have never been like this, not in my entire professional life. Others who know me even wonder. But something must be done to end this all at the most. At the very least, I hope she will realize her mistakes, which for any other circumstance she would not accept, and make amendments for them.

With these, I remembered the lines of the Greatest Advice by Rick Warren (of The Purpose Driven Life):

…Don’t cheat. Don’t lie. Don’t pretend.
Don’t dictate because you are smarter.
Don’t demand because you are stronger.
….Don’t keep others waiting needlessly.

And….the end does not always justify the means.


2 thoughts on “Hard Habit To Break

  1. DN, mataray sa mataray but reasonable for most of the time. there are certain things which ought to be stopped for good. hehe

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