Etc, etc, etc…


I woke up this morning with a headache (again!) but not much as the past three days. The headache made me irritable in the office. So to avoid mouthing any words that might have a negative impact on anybody here in the office, I put on my iPod and dwelt on my own world.


The morning news is tiring with the ZTE stuff devouring almost all of the news stories. Don’t we have enough of this blah blah? Whoever is telling the truth, it is another moro-moro by our lousy government.


I happen to find and read a friend’s blog minutes before this entry. As expected, his blog is kinda techie but I found one entry there in which I commented the following: “no two persons are alike. and we find ourselves with people who either compliments our uniqueness or otherwise. most often, however, there are a lot of disparities between us and others because of our prejudices and expectations that only points to the fact of my first statement. we expect something from the other but for some reasons we don’t know (maybe not this lifetime) these expectations could not be contained at the very least. it’s good to have these expectations but we also need to be sensitive with the other’s own [deleted]. it’s good if you are on the same level; what about on the contrary?”


I need a smoke after this. puff. puff. puff. Maybe I need to post some of the ‘evils’ of smoking here. He He


I just listened to this song in my iPod: FOR GOOD , OST from Wicked, The Musical, sung my Lea Salonga and Jennifer Paz

The song is about redeeming friendship between two unlikely and opposite individuals. Well, whatever we are and whoever we are, friendship should be able to change us for the better, for good. That’s good company!


2 thoughts on “Etc, etc, etc…

  1. too techie ba?

    balance of (blog) nature lang.. ayoko naman kasing palaging parang pelikulang drama or epic..

    paminsan minsan, sci-fi naman.. para pang alis stress.

    salamat pala sa “link” mo blog ko.

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