Stressed? Kiss!


I just compassed my monthly reports at work. I tried to assuage my stress by listening to the music collection in my iPod and clicking on the blog links here. Of course music ever soothes me especially when I hear the voice of Manang. On the other hand, I squirmed at some blog entries but generally they amused me at the very least especially in the world of Manang where two people made a battlefield out of a blog entry. If I may borrow the words of one of the commentators there, “great topics come from random thoughts on very late nights…”

Browsing through the internet, I happen to bump on Scientific American. I found an entry there something about kissing. Kissing, thus, can be some form of stress reliever since the act unleashes a chemical that governs human stress among others. The study that was conducted looked into two key hormones the other one being cortisol that plays a role in stress. The study forecasted a dip in cortisol, because kissing is presumably a stress reliever. The result: “cortisol levels dropped for both sexes no matter the form of intimacy, a hint that kissing does in fact reduce stress.”

So when you’re stressed out, just kiss LOL! Join Lovapalooza on the 14th of Feb!


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