Supersize Me


Awwwwwww! I just opened my blog today and as usual, I go directly to “my refuge” links Sacred Space and Pins of Light (in that order) for some daily prayers and scripture readings. And today’s blog entry of Fr. J make some connections to the documentary film Supersize Me (circa 2004) that chronicles an experiment about obesity and fastfood.

So what’s the connection to me? I always like McDonald’s. In fact, I am being teased by some friends that I already look like Ronald. Well……!

Eating at fastfood stores is very convenient especially when time seems ‘short’. When I used to go home in Antipolo, I pass by the branch of McDonald’s there for dinner, that is, every night. In fact, the crew already knows me and I don’t even have to tell them my order – either I eat the Big Mac meal or the Chicken McDo. And they already know which part of the chicken I like best. Even at the office, I usually order food for delivery from McDo.

I was ‘deprived’ of McDo food for around five months but it opened a 24-hour branch near in my current place. I was very elated since I could eat there anytime I want even just for coffee. Hmnnnn….so there goes my love affair with McDo.

However, Supersize Me somehow gave a jolt in me, an eye-opener you may say. As my friend would say, ‘fast’ food is always fried and high-caloried. It’s a fact as documented by the film documentary. That’s why the generation now is mostly obese, either literally physical or psychological, and that gives good business to health and fitness centers.

I may not feel the evils of fastfood items right now. But I’m sure, there will be. So here on, I will be thinking several times if I am urged to eat at fastfood stores. It is something I am used to and is already part of my daily life; it may not be totally eliminated from my system. It seems difficult but I’ll manage to at least diminish my sojourn to those places. In fact, as I write this entry, I am craving for the Big Breakfast. Sigh. A ‘supersize’ sigh! Now, I feel guilty……

So I end this entry with the following quote, a rhetorical question at the end of the movie:

“Who do you want to see go first, you or them?”

Supersize Me trailer…


6 thoughts on “Supersize Me

  1. finally got around to seeing Super Size Me; i was impressed by Morgan Spurlock’s insight as he goes into a lot more than just physical effects of fast food…

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