MWM POST: What makes you Happy?


Hmnnn….I remembered something on this one. 😉

What makes me happy? Er, what makes one happy?

I could never veer away from being philosophical here but of course these thoughts have realistic implications and philosophy is insight of reality, of what’s happened and is happening.

What makes you happy? Be true to yourself and pursue your passions. But taking this road should not in any way sacrifice the happiness of others.

Love…and love. The truth about love is not what or how we think or provide for ourselves but how much we think and care for others. This is the highest pursuit of happiness.

Ultimately, “to love another person is to see the face of God.” (Les Miserables)

Seemed very ideal? Yes. And that’s how it is and is going to be. It is in fact a challenge for all of us. Human as we are, we are laden with weaknesses but we have the will to transform these limitations into the best that we can be so we could freely pursue the ultimate happiness.



2 thoughts on “MWM POST: What makes you Happy?

  1. mga simpleng compliments. mga matataas na grades. pagkain. paglalaro ng DS. porn. hehehe…madaming pwede makapag-pasaya sa akin.

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