Sometimes, I need to be alone. I would long for that moment when I just stroll around a mall all by myself, sit down in one of the mall benches and stare at people passing by, even commenting to myself on how they dress up, how they walk, how and what they are talking about. Well, I am often amused and enjoying. waaaaaa!


For lack of something to do on a certain weekend, I hopped in the LRT2 train at Santolan Terminal Station and went all the way to Recto Station then back again. Wala lang…..just trippin’ hehe

Maybe I’ll try the MRT next time….=)


Over this weekend, I watched the movie “Lions for Lambs” starring Robert Redford, Meryl Streep and Tom Cruise. At first I find it boring and I could not follow the plot. Maybe I was tired and sleepy then (Friday night). Then I watched it again the next day scene by scene so I would understand. It is a very deep and serious movie, really.

The movie tackled a variety of issues like the Afghanistan efforts of the US and the role of media and patriotism. But what I like most is the sub-theme of “making a difference” and standing up for what you believe in and in the truth as with the conversation scenes of a student and Redford and the confrontation of Streep and Cruise.

Do we ever seriously think of making a difference to our own lives and of others…for good? For me it’s always the goal and a challenge. Why not you try?


As of this writing, I just received a text message from a friend as follows:

“Every passing minute is another minute to change everything around.”

I was just thinking of making a difference and there’s this message….serendipitous, at least on my own point of view. =)


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