Blogging the Whitelight Way….Seriously.


I’ve read others’ blog posts in their respective sites.

Some I found to be superfluous, others are formally serious.

Still, some I found pretentious and copy cats. Some posts I think are just lifted from another blog site while not giving proper due credit from the real author.

While other blogs are ultra avant-garde, some are minimalistic.

I am currently wondering how to enhance my own blog site (you’re reading it, duh! hehe) but at the same time maintaining the classic look.

I want to share my thoughts (I know others do, that’s why they’re into blogging in the first place, isn’t it?). What I think may not interest all readers but definitely there is always something in here worth pondering about. It may be a simple word or a simple sentence in my post but it aims to tickle your mind or even your feelings. Hence, I would enjoy responding to your “intellectual” comments.

I am not a very good writer. I admit it. So I would most welcome any suggestions for improvement. Your comments are highly appreciated. But no bashing please. I may become very nasty hehe.

Of course, you can comment in Tagalog. c”,)


2 thoughts on “Blogging the Whitelight Way….Seriously.

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