Do not fear! Believe.


“Do not be afraid.” These are the words whenever an angel appeared to someone with a message from God.

God knows our fears. He knows our anxieties; he knows what we are afraid of. So do not fear because He is always there at your side to guide you, to carry your burdens when you are low and weary and to carry you yourself when you are too tired to make another single step.

We just have to believe; have faith!

Believe that you are not alone even when everybody – friends, family – seemingly abandons you and there’s no one else to turn to.

Believe that you can always be what you want to be despite of all the fleeting obstacles; pursue your passions and be happy.

Believe that there’s something more you can share with others despite scarcity of resources. There is always more than enough to partake with.

Believe that love is all that what it takes and all that there is.

Just believe.


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